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We’re Debt FREE!!!

March 1, 2010

Two members of our team this past Friday made their own celebratory call into Dave’s radio program to exclaim with their spouse, “We’re Debt FREEEEEEEE!!!”

Michael, our Financial Literacy Programmer, paid off $126,000!  This took him and his wife Tracy, 3 1/2 years; knocking out a car payment and completely paying off their house.  Amazing!   At the age of 41, Michael and his wife are completely free of the strangle hold of debt and live in a house fully paid for!  WOW!

Next was a phone call in from Kevin, one of our ELP Web Programmers, and his wife Sara.  They paid off a total of $28,000 in only 21 months!  What was their debt from you ask?  That crabby old lady Sallie Mae!  They paid off all their student loans with a gazelle intense speed and are now, at the young age of 26, ready to live their lives DEBT FREE!

We are very proud of our team members Michael and Kevin. We even had the privilege of joining them in their debt free scream!  We wish them the very best as they continue to live out their lives debt free! 🙂


Michael and his wife Tracy calling in to Dave's Friday radio program to yell, "We're Debt FREE!!!"

Kevin and his wife Sara ready to start their debt free life at the young age of 26!