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Zooming like a pro with MapQuests AS3 api!

October 21, 2009

Wow, so I have had a ticket sitting in my queue for some time now that I didnā€™t think would be easy. What we had to do was zoom into a location while leaving that location in the same relative position for the user. After much thinking (about two hours) I came up with my solution. We use MapQuests AS3 api to interact with our maps.

The principle is simple. Figure out where the users mouse is. Get the XY, zoom in, figure out what LatLng is in that XY Position, and get the difference. Then apply the difference to the center point and set the new center point.

public function zoomMapKeepingXYCoords():void
var mouseXY:IPointXY = new PointXY(myMap.mouseX, myMap.mouseY);
var mouseLL:IPointLL = myMap.pixToLL(new PointXY(myMap.mouseX, myMap.mouseY));
setZoom(myMap.getZoomLevel() + 1);
var newLLatXY:IPointLL = myMap.pixToLL(mouseXY);
var latDiff:Number = ā€“;
var lngDiff:Number = mouseLL.lng ā€“ newLLatXY.lng;
var centerAftZoom:IPointLL = myMap.getCenter();
var newCenter:IPointLL =
       new PointLL(myMap.getCenter().lat + latDiff,myMap.getCenter().lng + lngDiff );

Have Fun!