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Country Music Marathon: Web Dev Represented!

April 27, 2010

When Nashville’s Country Music Marathon comes around every spring, you can be sure that you’ll see many of our Dave Ramsey team members scattered throughout the field of runners.  We are very proud to say quite a few of our own web developers participated this year in the half marathon!  The conversion of this distance into Imperial units is approximately — not exactly — 13.10938 miles.  Way to go team!  We hope this will inspire others to get out there and accomplish something that’s not easy, yet rewarding for their health!  Maybe you can join us next year!  Here’s some of the teams’ thoughts on the marathon experience.  Enjoy!

“Having people come up to me before the marathon and ask if I worked for Dave was actually pretty cool. They were so excited and encouraged by what we do that they took the time to talk to me about it. One lady leads an FPU class in Macon, GA and said “you’re so lucky to get to work for Dave.” I agree. My wife and I also had people run by us at the beginning and ask if we were debt-free, to which we enthusiastically responded “yes.” Running as part of Team Ramsey was a blast.”

–  Kevin | Web Programmer/User Interface

“At Lampo, running is contagious. Before the half marathon, I was not much of a runner, but I was inspired and encouraged by many team members to participate. I’m so glad that I did! Not only did I accomplish something I thought I never would, but I am more excited about exercising and staying in shape. I will definitely be back next year!”

–  Andrew | User Experience/Interface Developer

“To be honest, I really don’t like this race. For me it’s too big … 30,000+ participants. It’s pretty well organized but just because of the shear mass of people you have to be there waiting to start for at least an hour maybe two. Then it takes almost as long to get back to your vehicle, out of the parking lot, and on your way home. That said this is the third time I’ve done it and I plan to do it next year. For me running is about getting into shape, being healthy, and trying to be a good steward with the gifts God has blessed me. Having a target like a ½ marathon gives motivation to train and doing it with a bunch of your peers gives even more. So since Dave is willing to pay the entry fee and even supply team shirts, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. I didn’t hit my goal time but I did knock 40 minutes off the previous year’s time and I recovered much faster so I’m satisfied. I also got to see Moses (or maybe he was supposed to be a kung fu master. I’m not really sure) running the race. Next week I start training for my first sprint triathlon.”

–  Jon | Senior Web Programmer

“Two things about the half marathon stood out to me.  One was the incredible sense of camaraderie and encouragement I got from seeing fellow Team Ramsey members out running and cheering along the course.  Sometimes one doesn’t realize the power of unity until it gives him the strength to push himself harder than he normally could.  Secondly, a few times during the race someone would see my shirt and say, “Hey!  Dave Ramsey!” with a big smile on their face.  To know that what we do is having an impact out in the community and to see the faces of those who have had their lives changed and probably visited the very site we work on was uplifting not just for the race, but even when I came into work on Monday.”

Ty | Web Programmer

“This is a huge race – over 30,000 folks run, and there are loads of spectators. It really is a big event, and it feels like it. About 70 folks from our team ran or walked this year. We all wore bright yellow “Team Ramsey” shirts for the run, which has people shouting out encouragement along the way, and saying things like “Dave Ramsey saved my life!” It’s incredibly inspiring, especially when you’re pushing through some tough miles.”

– Ron | Marketing Web Programmer

“This is the second year I have run the half marathon, and I finished this year 22 minutes faster than last year, finishing in 1:58, just over a 9-minute mile.  It took every ounce of energy to finish.  I really enjoyed seeing all the yellow Lampo shirts out on the course (as runners or supporters).  I ran with my brother-in-law and even he was impressed with how many people from Lampo were there – even Dave came to cheer!  Running the half marathon is a great example of the type of people that Lampo works with: goal setters that are go-getters, positive attitudes that have fun during training and on the race day, diligence and dedication to finish strong, and providing hope and encouragement to the tired and weary.  There is a genuine sense of family support for each other.  I am blessed.”

– Jim | ELP Team Lead

We’re Debt FREE!!!

March 1, 2010

Two members of our team this past Friday made their own celebratory call into Dave’s radio program to exclaim with their spouse, “We’re Debt FREEEEEEEE!!!”

Michael, our Financial Literacy Programmer, paid off $126,000!  This took him and his wife Tracy, 3 1/2 years; knocking out a car payment and completely paying off their house.  Amazing!   At the age of 41, Michael and his wife are completely free of the strangle hold of debt and live in a house fully paid for!  WOW!

Next was a phone call in from Kevin, one of our ELP Web Programmers, and his wife Sara.  They paid off a total of $28,000 in only 21 months!  What was their debt from you ask?  That crabby old lady Sallie Mae!  They paid off all their student loans with a gazelle intense speed and are now, at the young age of 26, ready to live their lives DEBT FREE!

We are very proud of our team members Michael and Kevin. We even had the privilege of joining them in their debt free scream!  We wish them the very best as they continue to live out their lives debt free! 🙂


Michael and his wife Tracy calling in to Dave's Friday radio program to yell, "We're Debt FREE!!!"

Kevin and his wife Sara ready to start their debt free life at the young age of 26!


November 12, 2009


We had a Web Development Leaders Weekend Retreat this fall and it went great.  The guys headed down there Friday after lunch, for a weekend of team building, leadership training, male bonding, and some chillin’ n’ grillin’…  Oh and there was some golfing too!  Can you say FORE?!  The retreat was also to give a big “thank you” to the leaders for working so hard on the new site and to show them how much we appreciate their willingness to serve the team in so many ways.

the-five-dysfunctions-of-a-teamDuring the retreat the guys discussed the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, and took the team assessment associated with the book.  After they reviewed their survey results, the team went over what they could work on improving as everyone was given a voice to share their ideas and opinions.  Later on in the weekend they also discussed vision and plans for the future.


Friday night, the guys barbecued some hamburgers and hot dogs and just had a good time hanging out with each other.  That night, Jon gave the guys a special gift he purchased for the team of an engraved picture frame for each of the team leaders that had a group shot of the guys in it and had engraved “…BY EXAMPLE” on the bottom half of the frame.  This phrase is a model these guys go by to remember to lead their teams “by example.” With the frame also came hand-written notes to the team leaders from their team members.  I believe it was a great boost for their relaxing weekend to hear how much they were appreciated from the teams they lead.

Saturday morning they headed to Blackberry Ridge Golf Course and played 9 holes!  They had a total blast!  Some had never golfed before so it was a fun experience for all.

Sounds like the trip was a success!  Thanks goes to God that we are we able to do what we do everyday!  Each day is a gift and to be cherished.


Bflex/Bfusion 09

November 12, 2009

Nine of our team members went to Bloomington, Indiana for the 2009 Bfusion/Bflex Conference.  Here is some of their feedback about their awesome experience!

“BFusion/BFlex 09 was an opportunity for me to get the latest on the technologies we use daily. It’s inspiring and motivating to be around folks who are passionate about those technologies. This was a fun conference; Bloomington’s a nice town, and the facility at Indiana University was first-rate.”  – Ron Coffman | Web Marketing Developer

“I think the BFlex/BFusion conference was a great opportunity to learn from others who are doing some really cool stuff with ColdFusion and Flex.  This included coding best practices, latest server stack solutions, options for MVC frameworks, performance tuning points, and integration suites.  It also gave our team the ability to connect with some developers who can give us expertise as we move forward with some of our new projects in the next year.”   – Jim Ebert | Team Lead – ELP Web Development

“It was good conference. I learned a few new things and got to see some of the stuff other people in our industry are doing.” – Jon Fouss | ELP Web Developer

“The conference was very worthwhile. My favorite was the Mach-II 1.8 session with Peter Farrell, Kurt Wiersma, and Matt Woodward. Even though we have been using Mach-II 1.8 for several months, they shared very helpful things that will directly improve our applications. That session alone was worth the trip. My favorite Flex session was on Practical Cairngorm by T. Scot Clausing. Not only did he do a great job of showing how Cairngorm can improve project organization and productivity, he showed a very clean overall project structure and also took time to answer questions.” – Doug Smith | ELP Web Developer

“Bfusion/Bflex was a good event, well worth attending. It is very much focused on “hands-on” learning.  The facility at IU was fantastic.  They had some registration problems that contributed to low attendance. I think next year they will have it ironed out and I would definately attend again next year.” –Jason York | FPU Church Web Programmer

Picture 014Picture 019bfusion-dinnerPicture 024


August 7, 2009

To give back to the local tech community, we’re making the FPU Conference Center available to user groups for upcoming conferences, meetings, etc.

This beauty of a building is located behind Financial Peace Plaza in Cool Springs Brentwood, TN.  Capacity of 300 with sound system, projectors, and dining area.

Please contact us for more information!

615-515-3223 ext. 5566

Conference Center (1 of 21)

Conference Center (1 of 1)

Conference Center (3 of 21)

Conference Center (7 of 21)

Conference Center (19 of 21)

Adobe ColdFusion Rocks Lampo

July 1, 2009

On June 18th we were honored to have had the 2009 Adobe ColdFusion User Group Tour on our very own stomping grounds in Brentwood, TN.  The event was held in our conference center and we had a great turn out.  Greg Wilson, an Adobe Product Evangelist, demo’ed many new features in the upcoming release of ColdFusion 9.  The majority of our crew attended and took a lot away from it.  Here are some of their thoughts and photos with highlights from the exciting night!

“I’m particularly pleased with the ability to do much more in <cfscript /> that ever before. As a Java developer, it makes ColdFusion much more appealing. Also, Hibernate integration is particularly interesting – that should improve productivity for data-driven apps dramatically.”

Doug Smith – Sr. Web Programmer

“It was great to see how much Adobe has their finger on the pulse of the development community.  Many of the new features for CF9 are things that just in the past week I had heard someone say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in Coldfusion?’ and sure enough, soon you’ll be able to.  Getting that behind-the-scenes perspective from Greg was really cool.”

Ty DeLong – Web Programmer

“The most interesting parts of the event for me were seeing the demonstration of the new, long-awaited Bolt IDE.  It has a lot of nice features that should improve development.  I also enjoyed the new features of the next version of the ColdFusion language. The presenter explained that Adobe has added a lot of little features to make syntax more consistent throughout ColdFusion. They’ve also added some interesting controls, ie. the DataGrid, which might help us to do some standard things more quickly.”

Ron Coffman – Marketing Web Programmer

“The event was a great example of Adobe stepping up once more and retooling ColdFusion into an industry-leading Rapid Application Development language. It was awesome to hear first-hand about some features that I’ve wanted to see for quite a while!”

Tim Kucejko – Web Programmer

“Several great features were presented. Bolt looks like a nice upgrade to CFEclipse. I like the new tags that simplify using JavaScript interface components. I also like the enhancements being made to the cfscript tag. But best of all: ternary operator …”

Jon Fouss – Sr. Web Programmer



IMG_4241 DSC_0372

Ugly Shirt Day 2009

June 18, 2009

Ugly Shirt Day 2009

Our team has been working really hard lately on redesigning the Dave Ramsey site (which is going to look amazing!  keep an eye out!!!).  The other day, a few of us were discussing the new site when one of the guys complimented another on his choice of attire for the day.  The recipient of the adulation was our very own Jon Wolski.  He is the embodiment of retro chic and that particular day was sporting a fabulous Hawaiian button-up.

In a half-joking, half-serious manner it was suggested that we sponsor a Hawaiian shirt day in honor of those who are “encouraged” to do so regularly by corporate america to support “team spirit.”  The idea bloomed to wearing some silly shirt every Friday for the month of June.

Well, last Friday we had Ugly Shirt Day 2009!  Don’t we look awesome?  🙂 So with all this shirt ugliness going around we decided to vote for the worst.

Here are the results!IMG_4065

That cool dude posing in the front, Jim, WON with his “Dream” shirt and Kelly, off to the far right received Runner-Up with his amazing “Three Wolves” shirt.  For the prize Jim received an official “Ug Mug” and ugly bird figurine trophy!  Kelly won an ugly hat.  Congratulations boys for making ugly look easy!  I didn’t do too bad myself, ehhh?!IMG_4077

Cheers to all,


“An Untamed Spirit” (It’s on my classy Sturgis 2001 shirt) 🙂

Have a great week everybody!

P.S. Chris took these radical photos!  Way to go dude!

You know... just being ourselves!

You know... just being ourselves!