BFusion/BFlex 2010


Last month, 16 Web Monkeys with Laserbeams went to BFusion/BFlex 2010.  What a cool little gem of a conference.  There were some truly world class presenters there.  One even shed new light on a sore spot of mine that made me reconsider my entire belief system.

Well, my entire belief system on Unit Testing.

Hi.  My name is Jim.  …and I’ve been abused by bad Unit Tests.

I’m sure to talk more about that eventually.  For now let me say that Michael Labriola over at Digital Primates is a fantastic guy with a solid view on writing solid apps.  He introduced the idea that separation of concerns is what’s key to unit tests.  The issue with tests is that they can’t test the code cause it’s untestable.  A method should do only one thing which makes for easier testing.

I like it.  I like it a lot.

Our very own Doug Smith spoke about RESTful services as well.  Yeah, I’ve been a POST-heavy addict as well.  It seems I’ve got issues.  REST makes sense.  Almost too much sense.

You have to catch these guys talk.  They’re really top notch!  Keep your eyes on next years Bfusion/Bflex conference.  It’s hot, and you’re sure to learn something and have a great time!

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