Investing In ColdFusion


If you listen to Dave Ramsey at all, you know he’s all about wise investing. The development team has made a significant investment in a new RESTful service layer. We’ve invested time in building it so that our site can continue to scale and grow to reach millions more with the message of Financial Peace. And, we’ve invested in the Mach-II framework by writing the code for the new REST Endpoint for version 1.9, so that simple and powerful RESTful services are available to the entire ColdFusion developer community.

Not only that, we’re investing in an upcoming ColdFusion conference, BFusion ’10. I’ll be presenting a session titled “Building a RESTful Service Layer in ColdFusion“. Well over a dozen Dave Ramsey developers will be making the trek from Nashville to beautiful Bloomington, IN for BFusion/BFlex this year. The facilities, speakers, content, and networking opportunities are very valuable. It’s a smaller conference so it’s easy to connect with industry leaders and really dig in to learn some new things. If you’re doing anything with ColdFusion or Flex, or think you might want to get started, this conference is well worth your time.

One Response to “Investing In ColdFusion”

  1. Michael Clark Says:

    What is the biggest reason that you went with Cold Fusion versus a .NET implementation? Is cost a large factor?

    I am asking because our current environment uses mostly .NET and MS SQL across many servers. With the cost for SQL Licenses reaching 6 figures…always good to get another viewpoint.


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