What a Year


Our existing website was about 5 years old. After 5 years and uncounted utterances of  “Hey! We have a great new product that needs exclusive top billing on our website!” our web presence was… a bit busy.

We took our time, did our homework, researched, discussed, and planned a long project. In March, Right after we started into what became thousands of man hours, we had ANOTHER cool idea. Right in the middle of a season of economic uncertainty Dave led the team to do an event giving reasons to be hopeful. In early March we had a full workload and an unrelated idea. 2 months later on April 23rd, we had a fully functional website serving 1,000,000 people watching streamed video at 6,000 volunteer locations.

Of course that means that we pushed back launching the main site… right? Well,  no.  Did we work a ton of overtime? Well, we did some but it wasn’t 2 months worth. The new website is now up at www.daveramsey.com, and the side idea is up at www.townhallforhope.com.

I love that we did all of it without staying at the office so much that we forgot who our kids are. It’s been a great year. I’m excited to see what comes next!

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