Bflex/Bfusion 09


Nine of our team members went to Bloomington, Indiana for the 2009 Bfusion/Bflex Conference.  Here is some of their feedback about their awesome experience!

“BFusion/BFlex 09 was an opportunity for me to get the latest on the technologies we use daily. It’s inspiring and motivating to be around folks who are passionate about those technologies. This was a fun conference; Bloomington’s a nice town, and the facility at Indiana University was first-rate.”  – Ron Coffman | Web Marketing Developer

“I think the BFlex/BFusion conference was a great opportunity to learn from others who are doing some really cool stuff with ColdFusion and Flex.  This included coding best practices, latest server stack solutions, options for MVC frameworks, performance tuning points, and integration suites.  It also gave our team the ability to connect with some developers who can give us expertise as we move forward with some of our new projects in the next year.”   – Jim Ebert | Team Lead – ELP Web Development

“It was good conference. I learned a few new things and got to see some of the stuff other people in our industry are doing.” – Jon Fouss | ELP Web Developer

“The conference was very worthwhile. My favorite was the Mach-II 1.8 session with Peter Farrell, Kurt Wiersma, and Matt Woodward. Even though we have been using Mach-II 1.8 for several months, they shared very helpful things that will directly improve our applications. That session alone was worth the trip. My favorite Flex session was on Practical Cairngorm by T. Scot Clausing. Not only did he do a great job of showing how Cairngorm can improve project organization and productivity, he showed a very clean overall project structure and also took time to answer questions.” – Doug Smith | ELP Web Developer

“Bfusion/Bflex was a good event, well worth attending. It is very much focused on “hands-on” learning.  The facility at IU was fantastic.  They had some registration problems that contributed to low attendance. I think next year they will have it ironed out and I would definately attend again next year.” –Jason York | FPU Church Web Programmer

Picture 014Picture 019bfusion-dinnerPicture 024

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