Adobe ColdFusion Rocks Lampo


On June 18th we were honored to have had the 2009 Adobe ColdFusion User Group Tour on our very own stomping grounds in Brentwood, TN.  The event was held in our conference center and we had a great turn out.  Greg Wilson, an Adobe Product Evangelist, demo’ed many new features in the upcoming release of ColdFusion 9.  The majority of our crew attended and took a lot away from it.  Here are some of their thoughts and photos with highlights from the exciting night!

“I’m particularly pleased with the ability to do much more in <cfscript /> that ever before. As a Java developer, it makes ColdFusion much more appealing. Also, Hibernate integration is particularly interesting – that should improve productivity for data-driven apps dramatically.”

Doug Smith – Sr. Web Programmer

“It was great to see how much Adobe has their finger on the pulse of the development community.  Many of the new features for CF9 are things that just in the past week I had heard someone say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in Coldfusion?’ and sure enough, soon you’ll be able to.  Getting that behind-the-scenes perspective from Greg was really cool.”

Ty DeLong – Web Programmer

“The most interesting parts of the event for me were seeing the demonstration of the new, long-awaited Bolt IDE.  It has a lot of nice features that should improve development.  I also enjoyed the new features of the next version of the ColdFusion language. The presenter explained that Adobe has added a lot of little features to make syntax more consistent throughout ColdFusion. They’ve also added some interesting controls, ie. the DataGrid, which might help us to do some standard things more quickly.”

Ron Coffman – Marketing Web Programmer

“The event was a great example of Adobe stepping up once more and retooling ColdFusion into an industry-leading Rapid Application Development language. It was awesome to hear first-hand about some features that I’ve wanted to see for quite a while!”

Tim Kucejko – Web Programmer

“Several great features were presented. Bolt looks like a nice upgrade to CFEclipse. I like the new tags that simplify using JavaScript interface components. I also like the enhancements being made to the cfscript tag. But best of all: ternary operator …”

Jon Fouss – Sr. Web Programmer



IMG_4241 DSC_0372

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