Ugly Shirt Day 2009


Ugly Shirt Day 2009

Our team has been working really hard lately on redesigning the Dave Ramsey site (which is going to look amazing!  keep an eye out!!!).  The other day, a few of us were discussing the new site when one of the guys complimented another on his choice of attire for the day.  The recipient of the adulation was our very own Jon Wolski.  He is the embodiment of retro chic and that particular day was sporting a fabulous Hawaiian button-up.

In a half-joking, half-serious manner it was suggested that we sponsor a Hawaiian shirt day in honor of those who are “encouraged” to do so regularly by corporate america to support “team spirit.”  The idea bloomed to wearing some silly shirt every Friday for the month of June.

Well, last Friday we had Ugly Shirt Day 2009!  Don’t we look awesome?  🙂 So with all this shirt ugliness going around we decided to vote for the worst.

Here are the results!IMG_4065

That cool dude posing in the front, Jim, WON with his “Dream” shirt and Kelly, off to the far right received Runner-Up with his amazing “Three Wolves” shirt.  For the prize Jim received an official “Ug Mug” and ugly bird figurine trophy!  Kelly won an ugly hat.  Congratulations boys for making ugly look easy!  I didn’t do too bad myself, ehhh?!IMG_4077

Cheers to all,


“An Untamed Spirit” (It’s on my classy Sturgis 2001 shirt) 🙂

Have a great week everybody!

P.S. Chris took these radical photos!  Way to go dude!

You know... just being ourselves!

You know... just being ourselves!

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