Working without worry.


Well, sitting here working today, I have been challenged with many things running through my mind just like everyone does. Sometimes, it not always business… shhh don’t tell my boss, not like I would be fired, but you really can’t control human nature. We all think about non-work things while we are working. Sometimes these things vary from what’s for dinner, to what character to play on WOW tonight or what game to play with the kiddos. For some people it gets worse, how much am I going to pay the credit card company, how am I going to pay the electric bill or worse, THE RENT!

While I was thinking about the dinner part, I was happy to remember, I BUDGET! Since I came to work here three years ago I started budgeting every single month. I never did that before. Before, I was worrying about some of those other things, never about the rent but sometimes about the credit card. Now that I do a budget, I have the peace of mind that I never worry about money. Not just because of the incredible salary we get working here, but because I plan this every month, like clockwork. It was super hard the first five months, then after a year, it was easier, but I was still tweaking it every other month. Trying to figure out if my spreadsheet, a yellow pad, or the budgeting software on works better for me.

Well now that I have that figured out, getting married really was easy on the ole’ budget. I even budgeted my wedding too! We took a rough cut at what we needed and perfected it as we grew. Budgeting the wedding is one way to make sure your soon-to-be spouse is on board with you financially. When she can’t have that extra thing, or you can’t have the cool new underwater camera because it won’t fit in the budget, well… you do what is most important. When it was time to bring the money together, that was easy too! Just reflecting today on how nice it is to not have to worry about money ever any time – that is a victory in and of itself.


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