Foam Ball Friday


Imagine this… The end of the workday is almost here. It’s Friday. You’ve had a lot of fun this week working on cutting-edge technologies… But at the same time you’ve been bouncing around between several different projects all week. First off, you had the urgent media event that you need to be ready for, you have half a dozen meetings about an up-and-coming revolutionary project that’s going to turn the way you’ve done things on it’s ear, and of course there’s always the few minor things you do to help your customers or help maintain existing code.

stress balls

Are They Stress Balls... Or Future Projectiles?

Needless to say, you’ve had a great week, but you’re also ready for a weekend off. Then it starts. It begins as a trickle. Slowly it becomes more frequent, and the next thing you know you’re surrounded by flying foam stress balls.

Foam Ball Friday has been a web-team tradition for 3 years now. It started off as a promotion. We were giving out foam footballs at events with the slogan “Tackle Debt with” Then the promotion ended and we were left with the challenge of finding a use for the extra stress balls. It quickly became apparent that you could fling these at other team members without fear of hurting more than someone’s pride. It quickly became a tradition that the programming team has kept alive. It’s an awesome, lighthearted way to cap off a week of tough, dedicated work!

So, if you’re wandering through the office late on Friday afternoon, you’d be well advised to duck first, then grab a handful of stress balls and start throwing!

If you’re looking for a great place to buy a bunch of these things… we’ve used this company before.

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