Killer Talk-Radio App


Our team has recently cranked out a seriously sweet application titled ‘Ask Dave‘. NO other talk radio show has such an application. The beauty of the application is its simple way of creating access to the best calls from The Dave Ramsey Show. Even while staring at the app during development I’d find myself browsing through calls that caught my eye. At that point I knew we were on to something powerful.

Several features help create this engaging application. We used RIA (Rich Internate Application) technologies to deliver the content dynamically. The search is powered by indexing using our Google Mini server. Navigation is delievered via Categories, Paging, and even a Randomizer feature. Our marketing team manages the copy and audio via our custom Content Management System.

In addition to all the bells and whistles I’m particulary proud of how this product went from idea to reality. Early in 2008, our marketing team was QBQ-ing by lending some help to the Tech Support team. In answering a few questions here or there they realized that our existing Ask Dave section needed some more muscle. They approached the development team with a question “How can we make this better?.” The crew assembled, reviewed the problem, and launched into a brainstorm of ideas. Much like a sculptor chiseling away at a rock, our debate and dreams revealed a solid, simple idea. We took the idea back to marketing who chimed in with some extras and then gave the GO.

Users feedback so far has been positive…

“Looks fantastic. I also find it much easier to navigate. Nice improvement…keep up the good work. ” –prinny

“it looks awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know this has been vamped up! Great job!” -copecd

Enjoy the app. Check back often…future enhancements are on the way.

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